Purpose of the course in future studies

The purpose of this course in future studies is that you get a thorough knowledge of future trends and transformations. You will be equipped with tools that will enable you to find innovative solutions and create change. Additionally, the goal is for you to leave the course knowing both what you can and want, as well as have a concrete plan on how to get there.

It is the right course for you, if you…

  • Long for new perspectives, new impetus and to accomplish something that really counts
  • Find yourself needing new inputs and insights about what the future holds
  • Experience that you do not quite know how to be inventive and innovative
  • Miss clarifications on what you want and should focus on
  • Want to develop and improve your qualifications
  • Desire to cultivate your own innovative capacity and to be remembered for having created new, meaningful solutions
  • Want change and renewal
  • Need a unique, inspiring course-experience of high quality

On the other hand, if you are the type who wants to be sitting comfortably in a warm chair while closing your eyes and hoping that the future-tsunami might pass you, then this is NOT the right course for you.

Learning outcomes

In this course we use Zooon, which is a new competence and development tool developed by Future Navigator, that links the overall future trends to YOU and YOUR life. It gives you a direction and a plan for your ideal future, so you escape of the feeling of being “stuck in a funk”. The result of Zooon is a to-be-list of the skills you need to master in the future, and a to-do list of the specific actions you need to take to get there.

Length and structure

The course lasts for three weeks, with an in-person session from 9-16 in both week 1 and 3. In week 2, we meet online.

Week 1

You learn to predict and anticipate the future

You learn to use the futurist toolbox to look into the future. The purpose is to find the meaning and the implications that future trends and transformations may have on society, you and your life.

You become familiar with the concepts of cognitive dissonance, simplexity, binding communities, trendspotting, employability, monitoring, big data, sharing economy and the future labor market.

After Week 1 you have learned how to use the foresight of future studies to create value and enhance your employability.

Week 2

Support and feedback 

In week 2, we meet online and host a webinar, which lasts approximately one hour. For the rest of week 2 you can work from home or wherever you feel best-equipped to learn, as all the materials you need will be online on your personal course website.

Week 3

You learn to connect the great future to YOUR future

You learn to use the Zooon model, and make a to-be list of the skills you want to develop and acquire, as well as a to-do list with the specific actions you need to take to reach the goal.

You have specified your core competencies (your skills) and identified your direction to ensure your success in the future labor market.

In week 3, you will know how to implement the concepts of nudging, optimal frustration, scenario building and methodical curiosity, so you can initiate positive change and innovation – and ultimately achieve the best results.

Content and teaching

The course is a combination of e-learning and live training. That means you have access to all the materials online throughout the course, while the class days are dedicated to reviewing and applying the material practically. The course material is based on thorough research and analysis and provides the most thoughtful scenarios, movements and trends for the future.

  • The material is accessible online so you can sit at home on the couch with a hot cup of coffee and become smarter – exactly when it suits you.
  • Zooon – your personal future compass – plays an important role in the course; it is the tool that creates the link between the great future and YOUR future.
  • As part of Zooon, the course is built on a buddy system. That means you are assigned a buddy who helps and supports you, but is also responsible for your assignment and that you move closer to your dream future – and vice versa, you will be responsible for your buddy.
  • The course includes new online tools and media such infographics, Pinterest and Evernote.
  • The educational approach is entertaining, engaging and flexible. Much of the material is on video so you can learn while you cook or relax on the couch.
  • The two live-training days take place in a mix of lessons, class discussions, videos, games, group work and independent tasks, including a final project.
  • The atmosphere is comfortable and welcoming, and there is room for everyone.

The teachers

Mette Sillesen

Mette Sillesen, mette@futurenavigator.dk

Louise Fredbo-Nielsen

Louise Fredbo-Nielsen, Louise@futurenavigator.dk

Mette Sillesen and Louise Fredbo-Nielsen are the permanent teachers of the course.

Future Navigator works with Future Based Idea™ and works in depth with dominant trends in management, business and consumer culture. We work with a wide range of companies, including Accenture, IKEA, Dong Energy, several universities, and Unicef. We are regular guests on DR, P1, TV2 and “Good Morning Denmark”. You can see more of our work here. Future Navigator has also published the book The Future Navigator – Don’t be a bore, explore!

Price and practical information

The price is Euro 930 pr. person + VAT.

If you are a team or an organization, we are happy to come to you. Feel free to contact us so we figure out the best set-up for you!


Louise: louise@futurenavigator.dk / +45 60957010, Mette: mette@futurenavigator.dk / +45 20229382