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easy trendspotting 24/7

An online training course to help you identify and apply the future to your company

Design your own trends - Revolutionize your strategies - Future proof your decisions, solutions and products

Calling all leaders who know the future
is important, and LONG for better tools!!

Are you sure you know the most important trends for your business now and in the next 5 years?
Is it time to think radically different?
Sick and tired of best practice and bench marking?
Can you visualize your own path into the future?
Would life be easier if you had an easy system to "share the future" and get people onboard?

Do you agree with this?

"If we ignore the trends, we risk ... everything!"

The solution to all your strategic problems: think and act
like a 21st century futurist!

your next 10 years will be amazing!

Be able to see around corners, and use your new powers to inspire, provoke, and be heard. 

​Easy Trendspotting 24/7

Collect observations without breaking a sweat (this is a hit if you are curious by nature).

​Apply the future

Use trends to boost new strategies, come up with ideas for products, and predict customer needs. And much more.

Fn journal on ipad

Follow along
with your very own
Trendspotter's journal

An amazing and fun way to make trendspotting a habit


This journal will help you study and guide you through the exercises

- when it's best for you

- no stress

- no hazzle

Anyone (who is curious) can do IT! 

and it works no matter what business your'e in!

Imagine having your own personal trainer for 30 days

Pushing you and challenging you to complete and fulfill your transformation

OUR BEST Videos from a woRld class futurist

& full support in our online training community

  • Instant access to our training platform with easy access to all resources
  • Our brand new Trendspotter Journal (PDF)
  • 1 training video per week. You will know exactly what to do
  • Weekly Q&A's 
  • Meet new friends and futurist buddies in our exclusive Facebook group​
  • Hosting and community support by our favourite community manager Trine.

5 amazing videos

Learn Anywhere from any device 

​fits a busy daily schedule

What are people saying about trendspotting and futurism

​I created the Constructive ​Institute for Journalism

The press has the responsibility to reboot trust and faith in the future and focus on opportunities and solutions. I used the tools of Future Navigator to challenge the status quo and create 
the Constructive Institute for Journalism.

​Ulrik Haagerup  //  ​Former Head of News at the Danish Broadcasting Corporation

I can kick so much more ass now...

​My point is that the methods and how you approach futurism has kicked much more ass, than you know.  I with my background am able to use all your templates and trends and create so much value for my clients. You are freaking aweseome!!

​Noa Reddington  //  ​Former chief adviser to The Danish Prime Minister

My investment has paid for itself multiple times over

I’ve had 7 "futurist clients" since undertaking your course  – steadily building momentum. My investment has paid for itself multiple times over.

​Matt O’Neill  //  ​​Managing Director Modcomms limited

​A tool I as a leader cannot be without

Few educations have had a significant impact on me over time. Important for me is that they should move me both as human being AND leader – Future Navigator is one of the few that has done so.
In my daily work as a CEO, it is essential that I follow opportunities, evaluate the future and its implications. Trendspotting is an extremely powerful tool, giving me the basic prerequisites for assessing the future and it's possibilities. A tool I as a leader cannot be without.

​John Hartvig Mølgaard  //  ​​CEO Provas, Denmark

How much is one really good future insight worth to you?

We offer this course at an extremely low price - The second edition will be significantly more expensive!

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and the ​introduction video



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Private 1 day Workshop  €12,000 + Expenses

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What's inside - when you join the course

​Why you will love Trendspotting 
The Trendspotting Overview
Buddy teams - How we trendspot better together
The 7 Trendspotters & Finding your own unique Trendspotter Style
Trendspotting Techniques - How to collect observations and see new patterns
Daily Trendspotting
Weekly Trendspotting
Monthly Trendspotting
The Trend Universe - and how to apply trends to your business

Here are your trainers

Probably the best Future Trainer in the world and a Community Manager that will make us all shine

Henrik Good Hovgaard

Futurist and Future Trainer

11 years as a pro Futurist. 700+ presentations and workshops

"My dream is to give the next generation - my daughters' generation - the perspective in which they believe that they can change the world, while simultaneously having the tools to do so."

​Trine Ravnkilde

Community Manager

Something truly amazing has happened to Trine - In 2 months we will share it with you. You should definitely get to know her now!

​"Communities are the the backbone of any real change - my desire is to make every community a place where we can thrive, work and excel together"

lead the way into a future your colleagues will love to follow!

​Trends are like waves in the ocean – You have to pick your vantage point to catch the wave that is right for you

CEO + Futurist

Will hold the power to - at any given moment - point to the trends that are most important for business today – and future proof decisions, products and solutions 

​HR Manager + ​Futurist

Will be able to see the evolution of the workforce of the future over the next 10 years, and help design a company that will attract new talent by being inspiring and magnetic. 

​Entrepreneur+ ​​​Futurist

Will learn to spot new customer needs, pinpoint valuable problems to solve, and grow their business faster, better, and cheaper.

​Educator + ​​Futurist

Will be able to foresee what new skills are needed, and be a light house in the classroom, for students, parents and co-workers.

​Student + ​​Futurist

Will be able to invest in the most sought after skills, and design a life that is personally satisfactory - even if no one has done it before.

​Board of Directors
+ ​​​Futurist

Will be so much less boring and conservative. They will drive meaningful change and spark new life into mission, vision, and strategy.

Our Ridiculously Cheap One Time Offer

You will get instant access to the system 
and the ​introduction video



Pr. membership

​30 days access

Start June 3rd - Ends July 3rd

This price is crazy low!

Our Live 2 day Workshop  €1,100 + Expenses

Private 1 day Workshop  €12,000 + Expenses

Online 30 day Course  €75 Total Cost

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