Tailor-Made TrendCards

Make the future visual, interactive, and intuitive. Get your very own customised deck of cards.
Perfect for visionary work and setting your course for the future.


Have you lost it? Then get it back now! Your trendcards will help you gain overview and reconnect with the world


Integrate perspectives from colleagues, management, customers, experts, partners, students etc., in the making of your trendcards


Escape the curse of the meeting room – create your vision and strategies with the people who can transform ideas into action


Future Navigator will upgrade and quality assure your cards, to ensure that blind spots and unseen opportunities are included

Digital and analog

You’ll receive your trendcards in both PDF for print, plus in our app so you can scale them to a larger audience


Need to inject the future into your organization’s DNA? Wanna be an innovative force of nature? We are here to help.

This is how we do it:

From start to finish – we’ll take you by the hand.

Common Ground

Step 1: Understanding your needs

Shortly after contacting us you will receive a questionnaire in order for us to get aligned on the scope and theme for your trendcards.

Collect Insights

Step 2: Inviting your audience

We’ll provide your with everything you need – text, video, deadline etc. – in order for you to invite your colleagues, students, management group or other good people to spot the future.

Creating TrendCards

Step 3: Your future in the making

Future Navigator will upgrade your input and design a deck of trendcards tailored to your needs.

Access and Guides

Step 4: Hosting the future

Your trendcards plus guides for using them, is safely stored in your very own hosted-future-site.

Print Them

Step 4: Use your cards – analog

Your cards are meant for visionary and strategy work.
They are perfect for teaching, ideas development, scenario planning and trendmapping.
We even have clients who print them on the back of their business cards.

Scale Them

Step 5: Use your cards – digital

Included in the price is a login to take your Trendcards live in our online Trendmapping system.
Your participants can download and map the cards on their mobile device, and you can follow their shared results on your computer.

Reset, start over, and co-create.
If you want go pro, learn more, and turn your trends into reports, we recommend our Trendmapping Master Class.

In Your DNA

Step 6: Make the future a habit

The future is always under construction. Trendcards allow you to break free from rigid planning, so you can use your energy to adapt, create and improve. 
For your next step we recommend:

TrendSpotting Master Class: Learn to make your own cards (coming Spring 2016)

TrendMapping Master Class: Use Trendcards to create visions and scenarios

FutureGraphics: Go from visionary strategies to new skills and awesome solutions

Or get in touch if you need a keynote, guidance or feedback

What our customers say

How it rocked their world

Very cool indeed – It was a great eye opener for our vision process to work with the Future and to be able to get all our employees to co-create the trends, and pick the most important ones for our future. I highly recommend identifying the  trends that will be crucial in the future for your company.


Frequently asked questions

How long does it take?

From start to finish typically 2-3 weeks. In a normal process we start with inviting your target audience to spot the future. We then co-create your trendcards with you, and upload them to your personal site and our TrendNavigator app.

What is the next step?

We highly recommend that you take the Trendmapping Master Class. This will provide you with simple yet awesome tools for scaling your trendcards to a wider audience. Also, the Trendspotting Master Class is a must have if you want to learn how to create trendcards yourself.

How do I access my trendcards?

You will receive a login to your personal trendcard universe. You can share your cards with whom you wish – colleagues, management, clients, students, and use them for what you like – trendmapping, scenario work, ideas generation, visionary meetings, and strategic seminars.

What if I need help?

Future Navigator’s vision is to teach as many people as possible how to predict the future. We will be delighted to have you on board! Join the Future Navigator Fellowship and share your trends, plus get feedback and assistance from us and our friends.