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Master the art of trendspotting
and host your own trend mapping workshops

Faster than reading a book, cheaper than hiring a consultant, and with more impact than your latest strategy seminar.

You’ll learn how to:

  • Sort and map trends
  • Make visionary connections and create overview
  • Tell the difference between conditions and possibilities
  • Understand the power of gamechangers and radical change
  • Translate the future into new skills and competencies
  • Challenge blind spots, taboos and frustrations
  • Pass everything you learn on to others 

Designed for you who:

  • Are in the business of guiding others toward a common goal
  • Need to drive innovation and new strategies 
  • Want to integrate the perspectives of others – without having them in the same room
  • Are on the look-out for an interactive, scalable tool
  • Are just plain interested in or passionate about the future
  • Want to work for the future so the future can work for you

Never in recent history have so many people changed their behavior to such a great extent and in such a short time. Trends that were already emerging are suddenly coming under a magnifying glass. Workplaces have to learn to work together – apart. New rules apply. The world has involuntarily been turned into a future laboratory.

Learn trendspotting – and pass it on!

Use your new trendmapping skills to enlighten decision makers, and train your colleagues, students and friends to navigate the future

Video Tutorials

Our videos show and explain all you need to know in a step-by-step manner

DIY workshops

Apply what you learn and host your own workshops – analog or digital.

Go Digital

Take trendspotting to the next level. Crowd-spot and co-create with colleagues or friends all over the world and scale your vision to a wider audience

Early Warning

Once we know your areas of interest we will, together with our Supertrends partner make sure that you get an early warning if a radical change is about to hit you from behind.

Online feedback

When you share your assignments we will give you personal and constructive feedback

Get certified

If you finish all the modules and a selected number of assignments you will receive the Future Navigator Certificate

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Our vision is to democratize future studies enabling you and the world to make better decisions.


In the past, maps used to be gold for Kings and Queens who wanted to conquer the world.In our times, the gold lies in our ability to create visionary mental maps

The Online Trendmapping Master Class

will provide you with:

Ice Breaker Game

Start on a high with this fun and thought-provoking trend game. Remember the dice & candy


Address taboos, blind spots and deep-seated truths, turning disagreements into insights

The Trendnavigator

Digital access to your trendcards on your mobile device, as well as a platform to order and share your own tailor-made trendcards


Scale your workshops to a wider audience and draw in perspectives from all over the world


Learn the basics of future studies and start your career as a professional futurist


Use trendmapping to co-create a visionary, dynamic strategy and identify new skills and hidden opportunities


Handouts in pdf for trend and scenario mapping


20 essential and unmissable trends to get you started. Ready for print and digital download. Extra Bonus! 20 Post-pandemic trendcards tailored to apply for your business


Liselotte Lyngsø and Peter Svarre, two of the world’s most enthusiastic futurists, guides you via comprehensible videos.

Master the art of trendmapping and host your own workshops

Faster than reading a book, cheaper than hiring a consultant, and with more impact than you latest strategy seminar.