The new rules of the game

It is not hard to predict. At least not about the future.

The increasing amount of data and the accompanying automation and monitoring is in the process of turning organizations and leaders’ perspective from the internal to the external. Being able to read ones environment and translate current trends into new skills, new services, products and ideas are just as important as being able to grow.

The rules of the game have already changed.

The old rules of the game are about more, about growth, about processes, and the fear of collapse.

The new rules of the game are about better value creation for people and the need for breaking the rules.

Today, if you want to change something radical, then it is not happening “out there” or through “major projects”. It’s done by learning to reprogram your own brain and look at the “magic moments”.

The model “The new rules” explains the big movements we are experiencing today. Watch the videos at your leisure, use them for meetings, inspiration and discussion.

Use them to get ahead of the major trends and create a common sense of what is important to create – and important to keep up with.

The future is in fact not so dangerous and uncomfortable, as you might think.