Live to tell your story
And make a living doing so!

Guided by 2 world class keynote speakers

Get ready to shine:

  • Two of the world’s best keynote speakers will take you by the hand from start to finish and share all their secrets with you
  • You will learn to prepare a speech and get your mind ready for an outstanding stage performance
  • Online training – you’ll have all the material at your disposal whenever you need it
  • Know the stupid and fatal mistakes – and how to avoid them

And shine again:

  • How to stand out, deliver your message, tell a story, use your body, voice, and charm to transform your audience and connect with them
  • How to nail it – again and again and again
  • How to rise and keep rising until the last bit of little lamb deep inside you has become a roaring lion
  • How to turn public speaking into a healthy, adventurous and profitable business

For the first time the two world class keynote speakers Soulaima Gourani & Anne Skare Nielsen share their extensive experience and secret weapons on how to spellbind an audience

They teach you everything they know, and turn their wisdom into illustrated models you can apply from day one.

They explain what works and what doesn’t so you’ll be able to nail it again, and again, and again – no matter the audience or situation

About the Master Class

Becoming a public speaker takes time. You need the perfect match between your personal passion and live training in the real world. We’ll be here to help you for years to come.

Video training

Through educational videos we explain and show you all you need to know in a step-by-step manner


Easy to understand and remember. Insights, techniques, and advice are captured in illustrated models

Get on stage!

Before, during, and after – we’ll guide your safely through. From landing your first client to building your brand and taking it to the next level.


As a keynote speaker you get to explore the globe, and get paid for it


From Bangladesh to Berlin, from kings and queens to nurses and engineers. Anne and Soulaima have tried it all. And are still hungry for more.

What do our clients say

quotationsThen came the day of my first speech on “The successful alcoholic.” It went SO well. People listened, debated, and not the least shared a lot of dilemmas and taboos. There was lively dialogue, standing ovations, and even some who were moved to tears. I am deeply touched and grateful at the same time.

I know now this is what I want – get up there and touch people, change mindsets, get taboos on the agenda. Fortunately, my first presentation spawned high praise and a few inquiries more on new talks, so I’m happy, proud and totally wasted :-)
Thank you and thanks for the help, advice, and especially for your videos, vision, character, and sparring along the way. Have a great day – I have at least :-)

Anders Endahl Mielnicki

The Stand Up – Speak Out
Master Class

will provide you with:


More that 20 comprehensible, fun and enlightening videos with Anne and Soulaima

Illustrated models

Easy to understand and remember. All insights and advice are captured in illustrations

From A to Z 

Before, during and after. You’ll be guided through the process from novice to master


The flower, the christmas tree and Hero’s journey. Structure your speech and be captivating and memorable

Overcoming obstacles 

You’ll get nervous, you’ll want to hide, or puke behind a curtain. Or somebody in the audience doesn’t like you. We’ll get you through it!

Building your brand

Few in the world do it better. Soulaima and Anne are the masters, and they will share their best brand building tips with you.

Setting the price

Get your investment back manyfold: how to set the right price and get your money’s worth.


Build lasting relations with your clients and move up in the world through recommendations

Getting into flow

Intelligence, impact, money, glory, fame, friendships, adventures – get into the positive loop of life

Take the Master Class
and then .. center stage

Being able to speak in public is a skill everyone can benefit from:
get better grades, better pay and the career you deserve

You can do it!