To think about before we meet on January 16

1. Spot a game-changer

What do you see in the future, that could radically change business as usual? Which trend and movement in society will change the way you and your company work? Think closely about this and challenge yourself.

2. From more to better

Now it is time to look inward and identify what “more” and “better” really is for YOU.

What’s “more” in your words?

And what is “better”?

When are you doing more rather than better in your worklife?

When are you doing more rather than better in your personal life?

When are you doing better rather than more in your worklife?

When do you do better in your personal life?

3. Where are you going?

Consider the following questions and write down your reflections:

Which direction is important for you to take in 2016?

Why is this direction important for you?

How will this direction influence your world?

What are the consequences if you don’t do anything to take this direction?

If you have a little extra time, then try to write down your own obituary. What do you want to be remembered for? What do you want to have achieved and done? What difference would you have made in the world? Let your dreams run wild.

Facilitated by

Louise Fredbo Nielsen, Futurist

+45  60 95 70 10


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