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The future office

What will the perfect working space and future office look like? We all know how it feels to have tons of work to do, but no focus or energy to get it done. In a situation like that, a nice and quiet office can be a great way to get into a productive working mood. An […]

The road to driverless cars

How do we prepare for a future with driverless cars? Panel discussion on June 23. 2017 with reporter Ian Telfer. Futurist Liselotte Lyngsø attended a panel discussion broadcasted on Radio New Zealand RNZ where the main focus was what a world with driverless cars is going to look like. How will companies and countries prepare for […]

The road ahead for Uber is car-pooling

Ubers strongest selling-point In the nordic region will be to promote car-pooling. Carpooling already accounts for 20% in the US – During his visit in Copenhagen this week, Liselotte Lyngso asked David Plouffe, VP Communication Manager at Uber and former Campaign Manager for Obama during the 2008 election about the Uber potential for democratising transport. […]