How gaming is changing the world

How gaming is changing the world

The nerdy aura of gaming has evaporated. Gamers are no longer just pale teenage boys, sitting in their parent’s basements all day. Over a short period of time, gaming has become mainstream and even one of the most desired types of work you could have. And there’s more: Gaming is changing the world and transforming life as we knew it.

But how? In this exclusive webinar, futurist Liselotte Lyngso explores the most important and profound transformations that will impact the future of gaming.

Here are three highlights to heighten your knowledge on the future of gaming!

1. #Metoo in the gaming field

Have you ever listened to your teenage son – or just anyone – while they’re gaming? Try it. What you’ll hear is a whole lot of swear words, cursing and shouting. The tone is harsh, and it doesn’t take much to get shit stormed by your co-players. Every gamer knows this.

The gaming industry which, for many years, has operated as a boy’s club, is becoming more diverse. More and more women and minorities are entering the field. This will transform the whole industry.

Once #Metoo reaches the gaming world, companies behind the gaming fields will have to act radical. Or they risk being shit stormed like The Golden Globe or The Ellen Show.

What future are we getting Zuckerberg Zucked into?

Before the global pandemic we already talked about gamification entering the labor market, but nothing ever really happened.

Well… It will now.

1,5 years of staying home, working from home, home teaching our kids etc., has forced us to rethink our work lives completely. We participate in meetings on Zoom, and it saves us the commute to our offices. But this new way of working has not been easy. Let’s face it. A Friday bar where everyone sits at home and drinks beer through Wi-Fi is not the same as showing
up physically after a long week!

This is where gamification will be making its magic.

Mark Zuckerberg is big about gamification. He’s working on creating a way to make online meetings far more interactive so we will enter a virtual world when we “go to work”. Watch an example of Zuckerberg’s ‘Metaverse” in the webinar right here.

Gamification will take over the world

We might as well get comfortable with the idea that gaming will change our lives. And not only regarding work.

Tinder is a good example on how gamification has changed the core of our social fabric: dating and mating. From going on “real” dates – dinner and a movie kind of thing, we now treat our dating lives as a game. We swipe, we play, we create manipulated images of ourselves, just like avatars. New technologies are developing fast. Holograms has been in the books for a long time. Now it is happening. And they will be a real game changer once they are accessible for everyone. Some scientists are actually working on making it possible to taste through a screen Spooky for some. Deligthful for others.

Knowing how advanced technology development is right now, imagine what dating will be like in 2030! Even more mind blowing: Think about humans’ ability to adapt and evolve. Always moving to the next level. Just like a game!

Watch the webinar with Liselotte Lyngso. A webinar that will change your mind and preconception of gaming.


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